All MIUI Wallpapers Collection — MIUI 1 to MIUI 14

The MIUI 8 release celebrated the triumph of geometry and abstract art. Colorful triangles, circles, lines and abstract patterns were often seen on wallpapers. These designs managed to impress users by offering a modern and contemporary aesthetic.


MIUI 12 offers magnificent wallpapers that represent the meeting of nature and the universe. These themes combine night sky views with lush nature scenes, offering users a peaceful and intriguing experience. Wallpapers introduce users to the beauties of the universe and nature.


An important feature that Xiaomi offers to smartphone users with MIUI that enriches the user experience: MIUI wallpapers. MIUI allows users to customize their devices by offering variety and creativity in wallpapers. Each wallpaper reveals the feel, pleasure and aesthetics of that MIUI version. MIUI offers many features that attract attention in terms of aesthetics as well as functionality. One of these features is a variety of wallpapers that help users personalize their devices In this article, we will examine the evolution of MIUI and the wallpapers in versions from MIUI 1 to MIUI 14.

MIUI 1 to MIUI 4


MIUI 9 focused on space and night sky themes. The wallpapers included images such as stars, galaxies and spaceships. These themes offered users the limitlessness and magic of the universe on their device screens.


MIUI 10 brought the magic of textures to its users. Close-ups of realistic textures such as wood, metal, stone and water drops came to the fore in the wallpapers. These fine details of textures allowed users to connect their devices more closely with the real world.

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MIUI 7 put nature and animal themes center stage in its wallpapers. Wallpapers of this era brought natural beauties such as flower fields, mountain views, forests and cute animals to users’ devices. The peaceful beauty of nature was always at your fingertips with MIUI 7.


When Xiaomi started developing the MIUI OS, MIUI had not yet gone for complex designs in terms of MIUI wallpapers. MIUI 1, 2, 3 and 4 versions are known for their simple and plain Android default wallpapers. There is no special wallpaper collection in these versions. Users had to settle for simple and universal wallpapers, such as classic nature scenes or abstract patterns.


The MIUI 11 version aimed to entertain users with characters and animations. Cute cartoon characters, animated wallpapers and lively animations helped users personalize their smartphones by providing them with a fun experience.


Finally, MIUI 14 focuses on originality and personalization. Users have the freedom to use their own images and designs as wallpapers. This allows users to customize MIUI according to their taste and style. MIUI 14 allows users to fully customize their wallpapers.

MIUI 5 is the first version to have legendary wallpapers that aim to convey the unique views of nature on an Android operating system. In this version, when you applied the wallpapers to your phone, you felt the feeling of nature breeze on your phone.

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With MIUI 13, artistic images and robotic themes reflecting technology and the future appear before users. These wallpapers, which emphasize the excitement of the digital revolution and the beauty of progress, are appreciated by modern users.


MIUI 6 has changed Xiaomi’s approach to wallpapers. Minimalism and vibrant colors were the prominent features of the wallpapers of this period. Abstract art themes have helped users make their devices more attractive. Pops of color, creative patterns and geometric shapes were essential elements of MIUI 6 wallpapers. Wallpapers of this era brought natural beauties such as flower fields, mountain views, forests and cute animals to users’ devices. The peaceful beauty of nature was always at your fingertips with MIUI 7.


Xiaomi’s MIUI adventure offers an aesthetic journey with wallpapers. In versions from MIUI 1 to MIUI 14, wallpapers help users personalize and beautify their devices. If you want to download all the wallpapers from a single point, you can get the wallpapers of MIUI 1 to MIUI 14 using the link. Each version offers different aesthetics and themes, offering a wide range of options to its users. MIUI can be seen as not only an operating system but also an art platform, as it offers its users an experience rich in beauty and aesthetics. Now all Xiaomi users are eagerly waiting for the wallpapers of MIUI 15.