Top 5 MIUI Privacy Settings to secure your data

Additionally, by using the Second Space, you can share the same device among different family members or users. Each user can manage and customize their own profile independently. This feature contributes significantly to MIUI’s security and personalization capabilities.

  • Access the “Security” app on your device.
  • Find and select the “Second Space” option.
  • Select “Create Second Space” from here and follow the instructions.

App Permission Management

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The Second Space feature allows users to use the same device with two different and independent user profiles. This feature is highly useful for configuring the device separately for work and personal use simultaneously or for providing privacy between different users. For example, you can create a dedicated user profile for your work and store work applications and data within that profile.

With the advancement of smartphones, numerous methods have emerged to enhance data security. Smartphone manufacturers, particularly companies like Xiaomi, are meticulous in this regard. Xiaomi employs the MIUI interface in its smartphones and tablets, offering users various MIUI privacy settings. It was frequently stated in the statements made in the past that Xiaomi attaches great importance to privacy and data security. In this article, you also will learn how much importance Xiaomi attaches to data security and privacy in MIUI, the Android interface.

Hidden Album

The Second Space feature helps users keep their personal and work data separate when sharing devices. Both profiles are independent, so apps, settings, and data are completely isolated from each other. This is a significant advantage for those who want to keep their work and personal lives separate.

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MIUI offers a robust permission system to manage app access to personal data. You can control which apps can access specific data by going to the “App Permissions and Content Access” option in the Settings app. It’s important to grant sensitive permissions only to apps you trust.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu on your device.
  • Find and enter the “Apps” tab.
  • Touch the “Permissions” option.
  • On the following screen, you can set the permissions for each app according to your preferences.

MIUI App Lock provides an effective measure for user privacy and security. This feature allows you to restrict access to specific apps to only you or designated users, thereby safeguarding sensitive data or private applications. You can control access through security measures like biometric data or a password. Moreover, it ensures that apps automatically lock when your device is unlocked or remains unused for a specified period, enhancing your security. MIUI App Lock offers a powerful and user-friendly tool for users to protect their personal data and privacy.

  • Access the “Settings” menu on your device.
  • Enter the “Apps” tab.
  • Select the “App Lock” option from the menu that appears.
  • Your phone will provide you with encryption options such as “Fingerprint” or “Pattern Unlock.” Define your preferred security method and proceed.
  • Activating the App Lock for the app you want to secure is sufficient.

Approximate Location

The Hidden Album feature offers MIUI ecosystem users a highly functional solution. This feature is perfect for those who want to conceal their photos and videos. With the Hidden Album, your content is protected in a way that only you can access it. You can easily access it by swiping from top to bottom in the Gallery app and secure it with a password or biometric data. Additionally, your content is automatically protected when you lock your device or exit the hidden album. This provides a useful security feature, especially for users who prioritize personal privacy.

  • Open the “Gallery” app.
  • Go to the “Albums” tab.
  • Swipe the screen from top to bottom.
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App Lock

Now you will be able to fully use the advanced security features of MIUI. In this way, the data on your phone will be safer than ever and a stranger will not be able to find your private files on your phone even if they want to find it. It will be protected from external viruses and your data will always be completely safe.

MIUI’s Approximate Location feature represents a significant step in protecting user privacy and limiting access to sensitive location data by applications. This feature is designed to prevent apps from accessing precise and exact location information. Users can provide apps with only general region or location data. This is particularly important in cases where apps do not require continuous and detailed location information, alleviating privacy concerns. The Approximate Location feature helps users have better control over their personal information while offering app developers more privacy-friendly options. Users can now protect their specific locations by providing apps with location data that offers only a general idea, which is especially useful in situations where location data is sensitive or needs to be protected. MIUI’s Approximate Location feature is a positive step towards raising privacy awareness and giving users more control.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu on your device.
  • Find and enter the “Location” tab.
  • Access the “Google Location Accuracy” menu and turn off this option.

Second Space