Xiaomi Band 8 Pro to be launched on August 14, featuring a huge 1.74-inch display.

Xiaomi is taking the size of the new 1.74-inch screen to a new level with the new software features. Xiaomi Band 8 Pro allows users to add multiple widgets on the display so a couple of widgets on the screen can be seen simultaneously. The design of the pre-installed widgets on the smartband has also undergone significant changes compared to older Mi Band series.

Band 8 Pro display can show 16.7 million colors, meaning it has an 8-bit display. The smart band’s display runs at 60 Hz and has a pixel density of 336 ppi.

Xiaomi will unveil the brand new products on August 14th and  Xiaomi Band 8 Pro will be one of them. The launch event will take place on August 14, but Xiaomi has already revealed some of the features of the upcoming smartwatch.

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro will be unveiled in August 14 and this launch date might be exclusive to the China. Global release of the watch could take place in the months to come.


August 14th event by Xiaomi will not only showcase Xiaomi Band 8 Pro but also introduce other noteworthy products such as Xiaomi Pad 6 Max, the biggest display ever on a Xiaomi tablet, and Xiaomi MIX Fold 3, the thinnest foldable to date.

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro will also allow users to set an image they want as the wallpaper. As seen in the shared teaser image, when a photo is set as the wallpaper, the time appears at the bottom of the screen, a very stylish and clever design. This design by Xiaomi is quite similar to the Apple Watch.

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Xiaomi Band 8 Pro will sport a rectangular display, similar to the design of the previously released Band 7 Pro. The screen size of the Band 7 Pro is 1.64-inches, while the Band 8 Pro takes it up a notch to 1.74 inches. Although the increase in screen size is not huge but  it will suit the needs of many users.

While Xiaomi MIX Fold 3 and Xiaomi Pad 6 Max are expected to be this year’s standout devices from Xiaomi, Xiaomi Band 8 Pro holds its own significance as well. Xiaomi has a a huge fan audience that has enjoyed their smart bands and watches for years, and Xiaomi Band 8 Pro aims to become the new best smart band from the company.