Xiaomi’s AI-powered assistant Xiao AI gets a major update!

Xiao AI is an AI (artificial intelligence) assistant developed by Xiaomi. It’s available on many Xiaomi products such as smartphones, TVs and other smart home devices. First released on September 9, 2017,  Xiao AI is currently used in many scenarios including personal, smart home, kids entertainment, travel, work and more. This AI personal assistant, which comes installed on China variant Xiaomi devices, received a major update in the past hours.

Xiao AI receives a major update!

Xiao AI has received a major update, MIUI’s official Weibo account announced recently. Xiao AI’s human-computer interactive form and rich capabilities have been upgraded by combining them with its powerful general knowledge capability, resulting in a series of useful new features, such as a deeper understanding of contexts and a new level of memory capability that enables understanding better. In addition, newly developed translation model will provide you with a higher quality and more professional translation experience.

In the near future, will reportedly be compatible with more devices such as tablets, smart wristbands and smart TVs. In addition, the next generation Xiao AI is fully capable of logical thinking. In this way, it can quickly answer most of the sub-questions with its new super large-scale knowledge library. this new experience will really surprise you. Sign up for early access now to experience the new model, leave your feedback below and stay tuned to Xiaomiui for more.


It2s now simpler for Xiao AI to complete complex operations. In this part, the assistant assumes the role of the person using the product and now offers a more native performance, enjoy more immersive dialog interaction. With the all-new voice keyboard interaction, you can log in to the app the way you like.

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Based on Xiaomi’s smart ecology, the main goal is for everyone to enjoy. For the convenience of the model, AI technology will be integrated into more devices, currently only Xiaomi smartphones and smart speakers were available for tester purchase.

Xiao AI can now handle longer instructions, such as helping you write an exciting speech outline with a happy graduation theme, or a long article introducing Xiaomi smartphones under 5 topics. Xiao AI is now an AI assistant with stronger language skills, a deep understanding of context and semantic connotation, and accurate language results.