Xiaomi’s new smart band spotted on EEC website, model M2302B1

Xiaomi’s upcoming smart band has been spotted on the EEC website with the model number of M2302B1. The upcoming smart band has already received TDRA and IMDA certifications and now it seems that the same smart band has received EEC certification. We already know that there is a new Xiaomi’s upcoming smart band with the model number M2302B1, but information about the upcoming band is still very limited as it is currently not easy to guess what the marketing name is, it could be launched under Redmi branding or under Xiaomi Smart Band branding. Xiaomi will release a premium smartwatch on September 26th and the one with M2302B1 model number could actually be something else.

We say that it is not easy to guess what the marketing name of the upcoming smart band with model number M2302B1 is because we see that other products are listed in addition to the model number M2302B1 in the EEC certificate. The model number M2225B1 corresponds to Redmi Smart Band 2, whereas the model number M2239B1 is the Xiaomi Band 8.

There is only one product that has not been released yet and that is M2302B1, as previously mentioned, this upcoming smart band has already undergone various certification processes, so it will be available globally.

The EEC certificate does not contain any information about the specs of the upcoming smart watch, but if we have to make a guess, this could be the model number of Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro. However, take it with a pinch of salt because the EEC certification doesn’t provide much details about the specifications of upcoming smart band or watch. On September 26, Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro will be introduced and if you’re interested in learning more, check out our previously released article.

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Source: EEC